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2 days ago


Avoid overtraining, measure your Readiness with Omegawave! Visit our website to find the best solution for your training. ... See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago


A fascinating Russian article about DC potential level analysis as a way to control over athletes' functional state. If you are eager to read the full version of it (in English), please let us know through Contact Form of our website: ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago


Today we share some passive intervention tips for sympathetic over activation. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago


Passive recovery tips for the overly parasympathetic state. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago


“Each physiological change has a different time course during the recovery period. This depends on the duration, intensity, and modality of exercise. For example, heart rate, blood lactate, and body temperature may take minutes to return to their pre-exercise levels, whereas oxygen consumption and cognitive function may take hours. If the bout of exercise was prolonged, muscle glycogen would also take days to restore to pre-exercise levels. If it caused muscle damage, circulating creatine kinase and muscle soreness would take days to diminish before they were comparable to the pre-exercise values. Muscle function and neuromuscular coordination may take weeks to recover fully, and muscle fibers may take months to regenerate completely”. (Reference: M.Lambert, I.Mujika (2013). Physiology of Exercise Training) ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago


Don’t ignore any stress (social, physiological, or psychological)! The combination of physical and psycho-social stress sources should be in balance with the total amount of recovery. Omegawave measures how you recover giving you the insights based not only on your HRV but also on your brain activity (measuring brain omega-potential!). Contact us if you would like to learn more: ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago


Brain matters in sports! ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago


Today we present you the applied model of stress management for coaches. The model has five distinct stages that address each of the major aspects of the stress management plan: (1) perceptions of coaching; (2) identification of primary stressors; (3) identification of symptomatology; (4) development of coping skills; and (5) social support (see the picture). Reference: Reference: J.Taylor (1992). Coaches are people too: an applied model of stress management for sport coaches. ... See MoreSee Less

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#SAJ2021 の内容が日経クロステックに!


Just watched a presentation were it was said “Low HRV predicts poor performance...high HRV predicts good performance”

No! This is oversimplication/mis-information that impedes people using it well.

It shows internal status & response. @Omegawave is a great tool for this.

Brilliant speed and compliance with @Omegawave this Window....., and even better questions & conversations with players how it works and why something like it can be useful in addition to everything else.

▶︎ファジアーノ岡山とSPORTS TECH TOKYOが挑むメンタルトレーニング革命

先日の #SAJ2021 がレポート化!




Told ya we were going to have a good time with @tomhousesports drills.
Also this trip working with the new @omegawave app for the first time.
And back to taping ankles which is just like riding a bike.

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