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Training plans that adapt to your readiness

World class coaches. Your plan.

Designed by expert running coaches Terrence Mahon and Frank Evertsen, Omegawave’s Adaptive Training Plans adjust to your body’s capabilities each day, maximizing your training benefits and minimizing the physiological cost.

Adaptive Training Plans

With a subscription, you will receive:

  • Adaptive running plans for all the popular distances
  • Omegawave’s hardware package and mobile application
  • Access to the world’s leading running coaches

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Meet your coaches!

Terrence Mahon

Terrence Mahon

  • High Performance Program Coach for the Boston Athletic Association after serving as Lead Endurance Coach for UK Athletics.
  • Has coached numerous Olympians, including Ryan Hall, Jennifer Rhines, and Deena Kastor.
  • A 3-time qualifier for the Olympic trials during his own competitive career.

“We’re no longer stuck with a rigid program that doesn’t fit or adapt to the athlete’s response. Our program will have an answer each day to how you should train based on your goals and your training response.”

Frank Evertsen

Frank Evertsen

  • Former coach and physiologist with Norway’s Olympic program.
  • Has trained elite Kenyan runners (Sammy Kipketer, Vivian Cheruiyot, John Kibowen) as well as multi-discipline endurance athlete Sindre Buraas and distance specialist Sondre Norstad Moen.

“By using Omegawave, we are able to combine the training methodologies that are being used at the elite level with world class athletes and bring that to the general public.”

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  • Daily Measurements
  • Adapt
  • Train Aware
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Choose Your Level

Distance options include plans intended for runners preparing for a 5K, 10K, marathon, or those interested in a general 12-week aerobic development program. Subscribers can also select an appropriate experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

If you discover your original plan is not the right fit, switch to either a more advanced or a less intense plan. With the Personal Premium Subscription, you have the freedom to change plans as often as necessary.

Move from a general phase to more specific sessions—plans begin with steady-state, sustained runs and progress to blocks with aerobic tempo work and anaerobic interval sessions. Each program is designed to challenge runners at every level, pushing you to maximize all your workouts without ever going over the edge.

ATP Plans

Apply Objective Physiological Data

Test daily with our 3-4 minute, at-rest assessment of the Cardiac, Central Nervous, and Energy Supply systems. Our primary indexes include:

  • Windows of Trainability™ for Endurance, Speed & Power, Strength, and Coordination & Skill. A fully open window indicates that you may develop that quality for the maximum training benefit, with a lower risk of injuries or illness, whereas training in partially- or fully-closed windows will have a more limited training effect.
  • Readiness Indexes displaying an Overall Readiness score, as well as the functional state of your Cardiac, Central Nervous, and Energy Supply systems. Manage your Readiness & recovery to peak when it matters most.
  • Heart Rate Zones customized to you. Omegawave’s approach analyzes your ECG results and extrapolates your heart rate at anaerobic threshold, providing personalized heart rate training zones that are not only unique to you, but unique to the fluctuations in your daily Readiness.
ATP Measurement

Every Workout Individualized To You

The plan is a roadmap. On days with no obstacles or limiting factors, you may be ready to accelerate beyond what was expected; other days, there will be unforeseen bumps or possibly even larger detours, leaving your body unprepared for more demanding sessions.

Omegawave Adaptive adjusts to match what your body is capable of handling on a given day. A great night’s sleep, quality nutrition, full recovery: your plan will increase your total distances and target intensities, pushing you to run the hardest on days you will reap the maximum benefits. Fatigued, stressed, or trying to shake off a minor illness? Your plan will recommend activities better suited to your physiological state, aimed at getting you recovered and back on the road to higher performance.

ATP Adapted

Real-time Voice Guidance

Stay in stride as you keep on track. No scrolling through indexes, no stopping to track data across multiple screens—carry your phone wherever it’s convenient and listen for mid-exercise cues. Our cutting-edge voice guidance system works from your phone’s speaker, or if you listen to music while exercising, your coaching instructions will come directly through your headphones.

Off to too fast of a start? Our voice-guidance system will cue you to slow down. Not maintaining your target pace? We’ll encourage you to speed up to meet your training goals. From steady-pace runs to tempo intervals, your Adaptive Training Plan will provide ongoing guidance so you can focus on getting the most out of every run. Once you’ve completed your daily workout, we’ll deliver an assessment of how successfully you managed to follow your voice-instructions, as well as a training breakdown with results across a variety of metrics.

ATP Voice Guidance

Your Order Will Include

  • Full access to all plans at every level
  • Omegawave Personal Premium Subscription
  • Omegawave BLE Sensor
  • ECG Chest Belt
  • DC Measurement Cables (for CNS assessment)
  • 2 Mobile Apps (Personal Premium customers can access the Omegawave Individual App for in-depth analysis of their Readiness)
  • Online Support Community
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