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The Omegawave Coach product line serves as the central unit for any physical preparation expert to analyze and manage multiple athletes from the same application.

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Readiness Assessment



Central Nervous System Readiness via DC-EEG

Both CNS Readiness & DC-Potential indexes are plotted on convenient, intuitive graphs. Track your athletes’ level of activation and monitor the impact of environmental stressors and training loads on each individuals’ central nervous system.

Cardiac System Readiness via Heart Rate Variability

Based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), our Cardiac Readiness score indicates how efficiently your body has recovered from previous training or stress. 

Track how Sympathetic (“Fight or Flight”) and the Parasympathetic (“Rest & Digest”) branches of your Autonomic nervous system regulate cardiac function.

Energy Supply System via Amplitude-Frequency Analysis of ECG

Track how your athletes’ aerobic and anaerobic energy systems respond to training and recovery. Our proprietary algorithm has a close look at the electrical changes at the QRS and ST segment of the ECG. 

Windows of Trainability™ & Training Advice

Dashboard view with Overall Readiness score, Windows of Trainability, recommended heart-rate training zones, and graphic representation of the functional state of the Cardiac and Central Nervous systems.

Data Analysis

Single athlete and full team overview

Displays a streamlined view of every athlete on the team. Shows the functional state of the Central Nervous and Cardiac system and provides a score for Overall Readiness. Use the color-coded grouping to simplify and speed up daily decision making.

Direct current potential curve visualization

Newly updated to include a graphic view of the DC-Potential stabilization curve, allowing for a more detailed analysis of the athlete’s CNS Readiness. The shape of the curve and “time to stabilization” reflect the stability and efficiency of the CNS, providing insight into what types of training your athletes will be best prepared to adapt to during a planned session.

Full time and frequency HRV parameters with visual depictions

Allows an in-depth view of HRV scattergram, histogram, and power spectrum graphs for more comprehensive insight into the body’s regulatory activation.

Assess parasympathetic and sympathetic patterns to recognize your athlete’s “fuel” for positive training adaptations.

Advanced and configurable athlete and team analysis

Comprehensive trend analysis over various key indices of your athlete. Select from a pre-set of different analyses and choose from a time period or customize your own. Zoom in to get details of your athlete’s trend data.

Data export

Export Omegawave data from your athletes as a comma-separated file (CSV).

Select your time range of the data and use any spreadsheet application to display more detailed data for your analysis.

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