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You know what you’re capable of… so, what’s next? Omegawave provides actionable data about the type of training your body is best prepared to handle on any given day. What physical qualities should you train to achieve the greatest training effect: Endurance, Speed & Power, Strength, or Coordination & Skill? What are your recommended heart-rate training zones? Use our Windows of Trainability™ to maximize every session—avoid injuries by knowing when your body needs extra time for recovery.

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What does it measure?

  • Windows of Trainability
  • Overall Readiness
  • CNS Readiness
  • Cardiac Readiness
  • Energy Supply Readiness

Windows of Trainability™

What physical qualities is your body prepared to train each day? At a glance, the home screen of Omegawave Individual provides a visual picture of your body’s capacity to train in four principal categories: Endurance, Speed & Power, Strength, and Coordination & Skill. Wide green “Windows” indicate an ability to positively adapt to hard training in that associated quality. Smaller yellow or diminished red windows are signals to consider modifying training volumes or intensities—you can still train and perform at a high level when readings are in the red, but that performance may come at a greater physiological cost.

The Windows of Trainability feature is currently available only for iOS compatible devices.

Overall Readiness

Plan and adjust each day’s training by assessing your Functional State in combination with your Windows of Trainability. If certain Windows are partially or fully closed, pinpoint whether the limiting factor is your Central Nervous, Cardiac, or Energy Supply system. Do you need to plan activities likely to stimulate your CNS? Should you consider active recovery methods to return your cardiac system to homeostasis? Are your energy supply systems ready for high volumes and an effort to boost total work capacity? For more specific guidance, this screen also displays your recommended heart-rate training zones, with these graphic ranges individualized based on your daily measurement results.

The application shown in this view is currently available only for iOS compatible devices.

CNS Readiness

Firing from the brain, the Central Nervous system coordinates the body’s activities, from the sense organs to the spinal cord to the peripheral muscle groups. High-intensity intervals, sprints, heavy weight training, and certain sports-specific skills will place a high demand on your CNS. Use our DC-Potential measurement to monitor and manage signs of fatigue in your Central Nervous system; seek greater activation of the CNS when necessary. A high functioning CNS is a marker of performance, resistance to stress, and quality of life.

The application shown in this view is currently available only for iOS compatible devices. The CNS Readiness measurement requires our CNS sensor.

Cardiac Readiness

Based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), our Cardiac Readiness score indicates how efficiently your body has recovered from previous training or stress. The Recovery Pattern index reflects the balance between the Sympathetic (“Fight or Flight”) and the Parasympathetic (“Rest & Digest”) branches of your Autonomic nervous system. Track Adaptation Reserves to know whether your Cardiac system is ready to pay the “adaptive cost” for hard training. Follow trends in your Stress index to see how factors outside of training may be impacting your Readiness to perform.

The application shown in this view is currently available only for iOS compatible devices.

Energy Supply Readiness

What types of effort are your energy supply systems prepared to support? The Metabolic Reaction Index (MRI) indicates the combined efficiency of your aerobic and anaerobic systems. Aerobic Readiness scores reflect your ability to sustain effort over time (Endurance); Anaerobic Readiness marks your ability to perform high-intensity or explosive exercises. Track your Aerobic and Anaerobic Readiness scores for improvements in your work capacity and ability to sustain each type of exercise.

The application shown in this view is currently available only for iOS compatible devices.