White papers

Omegawave's DC Potential signal validation

This paper presents the validation of Omegawave's technology for assessing infra slow brain activity (DC Potential) from the frontal lobe of the brain. In the study, data was registered simultaneously with the Omegawave mobile technology and the medical industry-standard reference device Mitsar-202-EEG. The goal was to demonstrate that the activity registered by Omegawave has the same properties as the data registered by the Mitsar device.

Literature Review

Seeking validation on the science behind Omegawave? Look no further. The Literature Review presents an in-depth explanation of each measurement method that is employed, from its early history to its widespread research in sports.

Omegawave White Paper

The White Paper seeks to answer the age-old question asked by coaches and other sports professionals – “how can I prepare the athlete to achieve maximal performance results with minimal time and physiological cost, reduce the risk of injury and prolong their competitive career?”

Omegawave: Theory & Practice

This manual is designed to answer the following questions for users of the Omegawave Team solution: What foundation did modern training theory evolve from? What is the science behind Omegawave? What do all of these numbers actually mean? How do I use this information to help guide the training process?

Windows of Trainability™ – Coach's Handbook

Coach’s Handbook 2014 The Handbook provides the dedicated reader with a comprehensive account of the innovative approach to preparing athletes - Windows of Trainability™. The handbook explains the scientific foundation of the approach and provides practical recommendations on how to develop the physical qualities of an athlete using the Omegawave Coach product.

Spin 2013 Abstract

The Sport Innovation Summit in Calgary marked the first scientific venue where the concept of Readiness was presented. This concept was implemented into a non-invasive technological solution to allow for optimal management of an athlete's preparation.